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Joe Concha Calls Out Media Parroting Pelosi’s ‘Cover-Up’ Slogan


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As an observer of the liberal media’s narratives and habits, Fox News host Tucker Carlson noticed that they had suddenly formed a chorus to preach about President Trump’s supposed “cover-up” of the Mueller investigation. He found that their new slogan popped up after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi uttered it earlier Wednesday morning. The Hill media reporter Joe Concha joined him and confirmed the theory and even pointed to other instances where the media ran with a Pelosi talking points.

“I think you're seeing a pattern here, Tucker. I remember back in January, the term ‘manufactured crisis’ was used to talk about what was going on at the U.S. southern border,” Concha recalled. “And then you heard over and over, dozens upon dozens of times, not just from one network, but different networks, different anchors or pendants or guests using that same exact term to the word: ‘manufactured crisis’.”

The liberal media changed their tune a few months later when over 200,000 illegal immigrants crossed the border in a two-month time span.


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