Joe Biden Calls Out Jorge Ramos' Border Malarkey

MRC Latino | February 15, 2020
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RAMOS: In 2006 you voted for a fence at the border with Mexico. How is that any different than with the border- and with the wall that President Trump wants to build? 

BIDEN: We’re talking about a fence versus a wall that he wants to build from sea to shining sea.

RAMOS: But you wanted a wall. You voted for a wall. 

BIDEN: I voted- yeah, but it was a small portion of this. It wasn’t- look, there are certain places where it makes sense...

RAMOS: It’s part of the concept, Mr. Vice President. The concept of building a wall. 

BIDEN: The con… you mean if you build any wall anywhere, including at points of legal embarcation that….that’s the same as what this guy is doing? C’mon, Jorge.

RAMOS: I’m asking you, I’m just asking you, what’s the…

BIDEN: You know what you’re asking me- you’re not making an honest comparison.

RAMOS: voted for a fence and Trump wants a fence and a wall, too, right?

BIDEN: No, he wants to spend billions of dollars on it…

RAMOS: He does. He does.

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