JEALOUS?! Brian Stelter Bemoans Tucker Carlson's Ratings

Donovan Newkirk | March 15, 2021
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CNN’s least talented anchor, Brian Stelter, dedicated more than ten minutes of Sunday’s Reliable Sources arguing that Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson is the “new Donald Trump.” In an awkward fit of rage and demonstrable jealousy over Carlson’s unprecedented ratings, Stelter denigrated both Fox News personnel and viewers. The unhinged host accused Carlson of rewriting history and providing viewers with “radicalized content.”

The Baltimore Sun’s media critic David Zurawik—someone who was once able to aptly spot journalists’ leftist bias—was the most unhinged of the four guests. Zurawik contended that Fox News Channel should lose its access to the White House press pool and should be deprived of all journalistic access to the Biden administration. The left-wing hack asserted FNC shouldn’t be treated like a media outlet, but rather a “political tool.”

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