Jane Fonda: Oil Companies ‘Should All Be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity’ at a Nuremberg Trial

Brent Baker | November 11, 2019
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Left-wing activist/actress Jane Fonda, between arrests on Capitol Hill protesting “climate change,” appeared on the debut of The Impeachment Show on the Viceland cable channel, where she asserted there’s “literally a ticking time bomb over everything” because of climate change. She claimed “our government is being ruled by fossil fuel” and so “democracy is teetering on the edge of collapse.”

Charging the “fossil fuel industry” has caused wars which have killed many Americans, she charged oil executives and enabling politicians “should all be tried for crimes against humanity and nature.” Host Michael Moynihan: “So you want to see sort of a Nuremberg trial for climate criminals?” Fonda: “Yeah, I would.”

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