Itching for Defamation Suit: Cuomo Smears Rittenhouse as Out to Kill

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 20, 2021
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo seemed to be itching to catch a defamation suit from innocent Kyle Rittenhouse as he opened his Friday show after the not guilty verdict was handed out, by calling him a “chump” filled with “animus” for the people in the Black Lives Matter riot who managed to trick the jury. He even suggested that Rittenhouse should have tried to fight off the entire crowd with his fists first and defended convicted pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum because at least he hadn’t “killed anybody.”

But it’s really no surprise Cuomo would take that position. After all, he’s an admitted sexual assaulter with an affinity for Antifa terrorists and who fantasizes publicly about choking and punching his critics.

In addition to smearing Rittenhouse, his opening screed was directed at Wisconsin’s law allowing for self-defense. After declaring “it is too easy to kill in this society,” Cuomo took issue with the idea that you can protect yourself from “imminent serious injury or death” with your own deadly force.

And he did this by painting Rittenhouse as a cold-blooded killer who managed to walk because of the “shooter’s dream” of a law. And he was appalled that the jury had to view things from his perspective and not as a “reasonable person would.”


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