Irony Is Dead: CNN Urges Viewers to Cancel Netflix Amid Chappelle Show

Alex Christy | October 11, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Irony died on Monday's edition of At This Hour on CNN as guest host Boris Sanchez and "transgender D.J. and actress" Lina Bradford urged viewers to reconsider their Netflix subscriptions in the aftermath of Dave Chappelle's latest comedy show, where he took on cancel culture and woke gender theory.

Sanchez kicked off the segment declaring Chappelle's show to be full of "insulting and insensitive jokes about transgender people." He then played a clip that supposedly illustrated such insensitivity where Chapelle defended J.K. Rowling, "I'm Team TERF [trans-exclusionary radical feminist]. I agree, I agree man, gender is a fact." 

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