Interview with Apostate of Islam: "Every Muslim is a potential terrorist"

(not verified) | May 7, 2013
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Nassim Ben Iman (photo) is one of the best-known apostates of Islam in Germany.


He has written a book of his own experiences entitled: “Der wahre Feind…warum ich kein Terrorist geworden bin” / “The true enemy…why I did not become a terrorist”. In view of the present Islamic terror threat in Germany, his statements about the danger of Islam are more topical than ever.


This ex-Muslim of Arab origin has a lot to tell, and offers us a deep insight into the most peaceful of all religions. As one of only a very small number, he managed to extract himself from the strict Islamic indoctrination. He tells brutal truths such as “Every Muslim is a potential terrorist”. We have distilled the most important points of an extensive interview with this courageous man which we conducted in May of this year into a ten-minute video, because of the acute terrorism danger.


Warning: this video is not recommended for “do-gooders” whose carefully constructed worldview could, when they watch this film, disintegrate.

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