INSANE: Cuomo Claims GOP Waging ‘Holy War’ to Bring Back Jim Crow

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 16, 2021
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Ever since the 2020 election, CNN Prime Time host Chris Cuomo had been using more and more hate-filled and sometimes violent rhetoric in an effort to whip up his audience against the Republican Party on nearly every major issue. But on Monday, the Antifa terrorist-backing host claimed the GOP was waging a “holy war” against the United States in order to bring back Jim Crow laws. He also appeared to make up polling numbers to smear the party he despises.

Definitively declaring it’s “what I think” during his opening tirade, Cuomo smeared the GOP with lies. “My argument is, this is becoming some kind of perverse holy war for you guys. Hopefully, once again, Democrats will find a way to fight off the obvious intentions of people like Senator [Ron] Johnson [R-WI],” he sneered.

This came after Cuomo spent several minutes claiming Senator Johnson was a racist for saying he would be afraid if Antifa and Black Lives Matter (the two groups who rioted and tore cities apart last summer) if they were raiding the Capitol. And in lashing out at the Senator, he left out the Antifa part and asserted the right only saw race.


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