'I Can’t Endorse,' But Your Election Will 'Send Chills Through Me'

Geoffrey | September 29, 2020
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“Have you seen this shirt? [Holds up t-shirt that reads ‘The Next VP Will Look Like Me.’]....I can’t wear it, I can’t endorse, but a lot of people feel very good that history is here. And I’m gonna say this: For 23 years, I’ve been at the White House and I’ve seen history, I’ve seen the first black President of the United States of America and I called him ‘Mr. President.’ But if you come there in January, and I get to raise my please answer my question if I raise my hand, I get to say ‘Madame Vice President.’ Do you know that sends chills through me? And you look like me! Does that give you chills?...I can’t endorse, but what I say is if I get to say ‘Madame Vice President,’ that’s gonna send chills through me. That’s all I’m gonna say!...Go vote everyone!....This one [election] is about life or death….We got to rise up….Democracy is leaving. What will it look like if you stay in the same course?” 

— CNN political analyst and White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks in an interview with Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris as streamed on Ryan’s Instagram account, September 21, 2020.

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