Huh? MSNBC’s Wallace Compares Weinstein Scandal to Working for Palin

Scott Whitlock | October 10, 2017
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[See NewsBusters for more.] No wonder Nicolle Wallace is Rachel Maddow’s favorite Republican. The Deadline: White House host on Tuesday actually compared her experience working for Sarah Palin to the growing scandal engulfing Harvey Weinstein, a man now accused of exposing himself and of rape. Talking to actress Julianne Moore about gun control and other topics, she shifted topics: “I have to ask you about a big story in your industry, revelations on Friday in the New York Times that Harvey Weinstein has sort of carried out a pattern, decades- long pattern of preying on women.”

Moore played Wallace in the HBO movie Game Change about the 2008 McCain campaign. After the actress asserted that women have to stand up to sexual assault, the MSNBC host outrageously compared, “Well as you know from playing Sarah Palin, there were a lot of people after the fact that said how could you work on that campaign and not talk about what you saw.”

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