'How Dumb Is This Woman?' The View Doesn’t Know What a Woman Is

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 5, 2022
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***The complete post is on NewsBusters***

During Tuesday’s edition of The View, ABC co-host Sunny Hostin shouted the succinct point that “you got to call an idiot an idiot when you see the idiot because I think it's taking down our country.” NewsBusters agrees. So, that’s exactly what this blog will do with the idiotic statements they made, including saying they don’t know what a woman is.

Reminding the cast twice she was speaking about her “neighbors in the Midwest,” former Trump Press Secretary turned Never-Trumper, Stephanie Grisham explained “they were completely against [Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson] based on her answer of ‘what is a woman?’”

Co-host Sara Haines swiftly jumped in to note Jackson “didn't give a definition, though,” as if that was an acceptable enough answer. The rest of the coven sat there perplexed as Whoopi Goldberg seemed to put Grisham in the hot seat by asking her what a woman was.


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