How Did CBS Celebrate Earth Day? Declaring Humans Aren’t Needed

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 23, 2020
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How did CBS Evening News celebrate Earth Day? By sharing the ugly sentiment that human life was not needed. That’s exactly what reporter John Blackstone suggested in his Wednesday report touting how the deadly Chinese coronavirus, which had killed more than 47,000 Americans and left 22 million unemployed, was keeping the country stuck inside.

“Tonight, we mark the 50th anniversary of Earth day. There were supposed to be big celebrations around the world, but instead, people are celebrating inside and they're celebrating cleaner air and cleaner water,” boasted anchor Norah O’Donnell as she led into the segment.

Blackstone kicked off his report by marveling at the irony that Earth Day 2020 was marked by staying indoors. “On this Earth Day, the out-of-doors is largely out of bounds. Parks and beaches are closed. Even picnic tables are off-limits,” he gawked.


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