How Chris Cuomo Hitched Himself to Rebekah Jones’ Sinking Ship of Lies


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Last year, a website operator for the Florida Department of Health, Rebekah Jones became the liberal media’s new Michael Avenatti when she started claiming she was fired for disobeying orders to manipulate COVID data. And since she was attacking Governor Ron DeSantis (R), CNN Prime Time host Chris Cuomo eagerly promoted her claims because it provided a distraction from his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D-NY) own COVID data manipulation. But dropped her once she got arrested.

Jones was back in the news Thursday after Charles C. W. Cooke published a brutal takedown of her claims in the National Review, actually detailing how and why she was fired. So, NewsBusters thought this was the perfect time to look back at how Chris “Fredo” Cuomo rolled out the welcome mat for the lunacy several times over the course of 2020.

The first time Jones was welcomed onto the show to “get after it” was on May 22, and Fredo approached the story with ZERO skepticism and gave her the floor to spout off. “Jones says she spearheaded the launch of Florida's COVID- 19 data portal. She says she was fired after she was, quote, asked to manipulate, delete and hide data, and refused to do so,” he told his audience.

Cuomo didn’t take the opportunity to scrutinize her claims. He instead offered her a platform to spew them with his aid.


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