House Dem: Romney Thinks All Latinos Are "Suspects" and "Criminals"

Alicia Powe | March 21, 2012
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Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.)  said Republica are to blame for the taunting of Latinos and immigrants by white Americans on Wednesday morning because they are in favor of enforcing and reforming U.S. immigration laws. 
Gutierrez said a Puerto Rican point guard for Kansas State was met with taunts of "Where's your green card?" during last week's NCAA tournament game against Mississippi State.
He also said that in Texas, fans of a white high school recently chanted, "USA, USA" after beating San Antonio's Thomas Edison high school, which comprises mostly Latin American youths. 
Gutierrez then said on the House floor, "It's easier to understand when you hear the front-runner for the Republican nomination for president promoting a national immigration policy that makes all Latinos look like suspects and all immigrants look like criminals.
"The truth is, when it comes to Latinos and immigrants, far too many so-called leaders in our nation are starting the taunts," he said. (h/t The Hill)
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