Hispanic Trump supporter featured in Telemundo report

Kathleen Krumhansl | January 22, 2018
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CRISTINA LONDOÑO, CORRESPONDENT, TELEMUNDO NEWS: Today, in a totally divided country, her support is still firm, but she says the price has been high.

LILY ARAUZ, TRUMP SUPPORTER: I was insulted, they even called me a prostitute.

CRISTINA LONDOÑO: Arauz does not deny that Trump sometimes has a slip of the tongue.

LILY ARAUZ, TRUMP SUPPORTER: He speaks hastily, but he talks very honestly.

CRISTINA LONDOÑO: She emphasizes the stock market records, new jobs and tax cuts and doesn´t believe in the racist comments attributed to him nor the polls that point to a rock-bottom impopularity.

LILI ARAUZ: His base, us, we don´t believe in mass media.  

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