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By His Own Criteria and Rotten Record in 2016, Jorge Ramos Doesn't Deserve A Journalism Award


<p>JORGE RAMOS, SENIOR NEWS ANCHOR, UNIVISION: Look, as journalists, we made many mistakes before the election. &nbsp;We didn&rsquo;t see it coming. &nbsp;We made a mistake. &nbsp;I made a mistake.&nbsp;I thought that, for instance, that Latinos could define an election. &nbsp;That was not the case. &nbsp;</p>

<p>I said many times that no one can make it to the White House without the Latino vote, and guess what happened? &nbsp;Donald Trump made it to the White House without the Latino vote. So, yes, we were ahead of our time, and eventually that&rsquo;s going to be the case, but we didn&rsquo;t see it coming. &nbsp;We believed the polls, and then we didn&rsquo;t realize that many people were not talking to pollsters and talking to journalists.</p>

<p>And then we really didn&rsquo;t want to listen to the &ldquo;others,&rdquo; as we defined them. &nbsp;I work in a beautiful newsroom in Miami, but then there&rsquo;s a small radio station that&rsquo;s also in the same newsroom, and in that radio station in Miami, in Spanish, every single morning I was listening to people saying, &ldquo;I&rsquo;m going to vote for Donald Trump. &nbsp;I don&rsquo;t care what other Latinos are saying. &nbsp;I&rsquo;m going to vote for Donald Trump.&rdquo; &nbsp;</p>

<p><strong>We didn&rsquo;t see that 29 percent of Latinos were going to vote for him</strong>. &nbsp;We didn&rsquo;t see the resentment that was growing in the white non-Hispanic population in other areas, in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania. &nbsp;We didn&rsquo;t see it. &nbsp;So, <strong>as journalists, we&rsquo;re supposed to report reality as it is, but we were not seeing reality.</strong> &nbsp;So I think we have to admit first that we have to be much more open to listening to other groups, and to other people</p>

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