Matthews on Comey Memo: I’ve Placed My Trust in Liberal Papers, Bureaucrats to Tell Me the Truth


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<p>Amidst the explosive<em> New York Times</em> story on Tuesday night about the supposed James Comey memo, MSNBC&rsquo;s <em>Hardball</em> host Chris Matthews informed viewers that the two institutions he&rsquo;s most entrusted his faith in during these tumultuous times are large, liberal newspapers and lefty bureaucrats in the mold of Sally Yates.</p>

<p>Late in the commercial-free Hardball, Matthews stated out of the blue that<strong> &ldquo;I have confidence in two forces&rdquo; </strong>to tell him the truth and maintain integrity, with the first being<strong> &ldquo;straight front page media.&rdquo;&nbsp;</strong></p>

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