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Hey Ed Schultz: Your Employer MAKES Those Drones!


<p>[Caller rips Ed Schultz to shreds on drone issue]<br /><br />CALLER (07 March 2013): Hey, regarding drones, you suddenly sound like a neo-conservative, so I googled 'unmanned aerial systems,' otherwise known as drones and the words 'General Electric' and I see your parent company is knee-deep in profiteering off drone manufacturing. Also ...<br /><br />SCHULTZ: And you think that that, and you think that that drives my opinion? <br /><br />CALLER: I don't know, it's just weird ...<br /><br />SCHULTZ: Oh give me a break! Terry! (crosstalk) Listen to what the hell you're saying! (argument ensues, each talking over the other). Do you, I am with the president! Exclu, excuse me, I am with the president! I'm with the president on this! <br /><br />CALLER: You're an idiot! You're an idiot, war-profiteering, you should be speaking about GE paying some taxes too instead of gutting Social Security or the sequester ...<br /><br />SCHULTZ: Wow, psycho talk (crosstalk), psych-, keep going, keep going, this is good. So sick in Los -, Terry, sick in Los Angeles. <br /><br />CALLER: Google 'unmanned aerial systems' and GE and you'll see, they are profiteering off drones and now all of a sudden ...<br /><br />SCHULTZ: You just found that out?! You just found that out?! (starts imitating Cheney) Terry, it is a fact that you have lost your mind, uh, it is a fact, Terry, that you better watch out, you might be taken out by a drone yourself, Terry, you just never know. (laughs, turning into guffaw). Folks, let me tell you something -- if I get to the boardroom of General Electric, to that pay grade, I'll do something about it, OK? But for her to call in and say that that affects where I stand on issues, that's a stretch. (sarcastically) Hysterical, she's just absolutely hysterical. </p>

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