Here Were the Dumbest Questions from Biden’s Post-Midterms Presser

Curtis Houck | November 10, 2022
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President Biden insisted in a Wednesday press conference he would make zero changes after Tuesday’s midterm elections failed to produce a Republican red wave and, during said presser, nine White House reporters took their shot at Biden with some engaging in silly softballs on the fate of his legacy, Donald Trump, affirmative action, and ridding the country of partisanship.

CBS’s Nancy Cordes had a slew of questions, including her gripe that Republicans wouldn’t allow Biden’s agenda to progress: “[W]hen you were Vice President, your legislative agenda basically ran into a brick wall two years in when Republicans took control of the House, and that lasted for the rest of the Obama presidency. Is there any way for you to prevent that same fate from happening this time around if Republicans take control of the House?”