Health and Safety? CNN Covers Up Crew Member Battered at ‘Protest’

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 14, 2021
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Shortly before the handoff between CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and Cuomo Prime Time Wednesday night, a member of one of their crews on the ground in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota became the victim of battery when a member of the Black Lives Matter mob beamed him in the head with an apparently frozen water bottle, causing him to seemingly lose consciousness for a moment and fall to the ground. The crew was later chased off. It was a chaotic and violent scene but it was not mentioned on-air.

In a video recorded and posted to Twitter by Washington Examiner reporter Nic Rowan, a crowd can be seen swarming around the CNN crew supporting correspondent Miguel Marquez. A woman who seemed to be a part of the crowd stood with her back to the crew saying “it’s all peace baby, it’s all peace.”

But moments later, the water bottle flew in from off-camera and struck the crew member, who’s an older gentleman, in the head with a loud thud. After the man crumpled to the ground, the BLM crowd could be heard mocking his situation. “A water bottle knocked you out,” a man said before laughing. The BLMers apparently thought the man was a police officer because a woman can be heard yelling: “The cop right there needs a medic.”


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