HBO Series Sees Trump’s America in 1940 America with Anti-Semitic President Lindbergh

Brent Baker | March 9, 2020
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Donald Trump as a modern-day Charles Lindbergh in a new HBO series. Next Monday The Plot Against America will debut on HBO, and last week PBS’s Amanpour and Company promoted the show’s allegories to America under Trump. “Before Trump’s America First,” Christiane Amanapour intoned, “Charles Lindbergh represented America First -- the powerful isolationist organization. Lindbergh was pro-Germany and was denounced by many as anti-Semitic.”

Amanpour, who doubles as a London-based correspondent for CNN, saw the show that imagines Lindbergh winning the presidency in 1940, as “a warning tale” for today. David Simon, creator of the series, asserted how Philip Roth’s 2004 novel, which inspired the series, “just sings as an allegory for our time” as “it’s sort of astonishing how close he captured this political moment in America.”

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