Hayes, Ryan Rule FBI Letter Is Akin to MLK Spying, Calls into Doubt Its ‘Integrity and Impartiality’


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<p>Continuing the liberal media&rsquo;s rush to tarnish the FBI&rsquo;s reputation, MSNBC&rsquo;s <em>All In</em> host Chris Hayes and American Urban Radio Networks correspondent April Ryan blasted Director James Comey&rsquo;s letter about the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation on Wednesday as a move that <strong>&ldquo;raised serious questions about the FBI&#39;s integrity and impartiality&rdquo; </strong>akin to the Bureau&rsquo;s spying on Martin Luther King Jr.</p>

<p>Within his show&rsquo;s first two minutes, Hayes admitted that while the full impact of Comey&rsquo;s bombshell letter on the election remains unknown, he ruled <strong>&ldquo;it&#39;s clear that his disclosure and the spate of now competing one might say warring FBI leaks that have followed have raised serious questions about the FBI&#39;s integrity and impartiality.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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