Harwood: You MUST 'Stop and recognize' the Achievements of Democrats and Biden

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 8, 2022
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With congressional Democrats ramming through yet another massive spending bill, which honest economists say will worsen inflation and raise taxes on average Americans, the liberal media are fiercely gaslighting the American people to believe President Biden and the Democrats were their saviors. And on Monday’s At This Hour, CNN White House correspondent John Harwood proclaimed that we all need to “stop and recognize the breadth of” all the achievements of Biden and the Democrats.

Leading into the segment, host Kate Bolduan delightfully announced that the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act adds to a really sudden reversal of fortune for President Biden, who can now celebrate several legacy-defining victories in his first two years in office.”

Being extremely presumptuous with her wish casting, Bolduan seemingly wanted to talk about how “with these” wins the left was sitting pretty in the midterms. But she caught herself, instead wondering: “will these wins be enough to help Democrats avoid what has been feared in the coming -- coming up in the midterms, now three months away.”