Hardball Host, Guest Grouse GOP Is 'Killing the Black Vote' with Voter ID

Ken Shepherd | October 21, 2014
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MSNBC's Hardball host Chris Matthews conveniently failed to pick up on a damning scoop published Tuesday by the Washington Free Beacon regarding Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor (Arkansas) and a college paper he wrote in the mid-1980s slamming the federal government's role in desegregating the South. The federal government's role in the matter was an "unwilling invasion," a young Pryor insisted, according to the Free Beacon's Alan Goodman, who read the 30-page thesis. Had the person who wrote this been Republican challenger Tom Cotton, there's little doubt it would be trumpeted by Matthews as neo-Confederate lunacy and an indictment of the GOP in the South, if not nationally. But alas, crickets.  Instead, Matthews and his liberal guests spent the lion's share of the program blasting the GOP as racist for pursuing voter ID laws.

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