‘Hardball’ Hodgepodge: Trump Is Mentally Unstable While Hillary’s Book Excerpt Is ‘Remarkable’

Curtis Houck | August 24, 2017
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Not exactly the top authority when it comes to sober analysis, MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews teamed up with panelists on Wednesday night to deem President Trump as mentally unstable while a guest hailed Hillary Clinton’s book excerpt about debating Trump as “remarkable.”

“Trump goes nuclear in his Phoenix speech....James Clapper....said he questioned the President’s fitness to hold the nuclear codes....Senator Bob Corker said just last week that he questions the President’s stability. Democratic leaders are talking about the President’s, quote, 'erratic' behavior, and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson has written the country needs to question how unstable and divorced from reality this President has become,” Matthews exclaimed at the top of the show.

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