‘Hardball’ Frets ‘Effective’ Al Franken Had to Resign; ‘New Republican Age of Consent Is 14’

Curtis Houck | December 7, 2017
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Over time, one learns that you can always count on MSNBC’s Hardball to produce baffling moments. Thursday was no exception as the show featured USA Today’s Susan Page bemoaning the “sad picture” of “effective” Democratic Senator Al Franken (Minn.) resigning from Congress while host Chris Matthews sneered that “[t]he new Republican age of consent is 14 if” Roy Moore “wins” in Alabama.

Seven minutes into the show, Matthews told Page that “pedophilia is trumped by politics” in that “voters apparently would rather vote for the guy of their party regardless of his sins or behavior or crime” to which Page emphasized that Franken’s allegations are far less serious than those against Moore.

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