‘Hardball’: ‘Belligerent’ Kavanaugh Is a Possible ‘Criminal’ Lacking ‘Temperament’ to Be a Justice

Curtis Houck | September 27, 2018
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As predicted, MSNBC’s Hardball offered plenty of liberal pontificating following Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings with host Chris Matthews and his A-Block panel calling Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh a “belligerent,” unsympathetic Jekyll and Hyde who “may...be a criminal” but remained temperamentally unfit to be on the Court.

Matthews was locked and loaded, bloviating that “Kavanaugh’s defense...doesn’t seem...like a real defense” when he could be an “aggressive,” “belligerent drunk” who has a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde problem” along with being a potential “criminal” who was “uncomfortable” answering any probing questions.

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