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Hannity Flashes Back to 2014, When Media Did Not Refer to Border Crisis as 'Manufactured'


During Thursday's edition of Hannity, host Sean Hannity dug into the archives; playing clips of media figures referring to the surge of illegal immigrant children at the border as a "humanitarian crisis" back in 2014. Hannity contrasted their coverage in 2014 with their coverage of a similar situation today; which they dismiss as a "manufactured crisis." Hannity explained that "somehow in 2014, when Obama was President, well then the mainstream media...weren't saying it was manufactured then," adding that "they highlighted the crisis," before reading aloud some headlines from The Washington Post, CNN, and The Huffington Post.  Hannity prefaced the series of clips by saying "the mainstream media on TV did not refer to this as a manufactured crisis."  In the first clip, NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams talked of a "growing humanitarian crisis on the U.S. border with Mexico." In another clip, CBS Correspondent Mark Albert talked about how "the White House calls this an urgent humanitarian situation and says its request to Congress will include a border security surge." After playing the clips, Hannity stated the obvious: "they always support the Democratic agenda. In this case, that was Obama's agenda. The only difference now is Donald Trump is the President. Now for the first time according to Democrats and the media, walls are actually immoral and many of these same Democrats voted for some of these walls."

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