Haines DEMANDS Media DO MORE to Help Reelect Biden, Air Camp Events

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 13, 2024
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Sara Haines is the co-host of ABC’s The View who’s supposed to be the voice of “independent” voters in the middle. But while she has defended conservatives on some things, the mask has slipped plenty of time. Such was the cast on Monday’s show when she grew frustrated with “the media” for not doing enough to help reelect President Biden – like airing his campaign events – because they were obsessed with the hush money trial of former President Trump.

“I actually blame the media slightly,” she huffed talking about Biden’s slumping poll numbers. Her solution was to stop sitting outside the New York City courthouse and start airing Biden’s campaign events.

Throwing away the illusion of being an independent, she particularly wanted them to focus on the events that were about “a winning issue for Democrats."


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