Gutfeld SAVAGES 'Crazy Aunt' Rachel Maddow for Her Collusion Delusion


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Doing the comedy that NBC’s Saturday Night Live largely retired from doing at least a decade ago, Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld offered a tour de force to open his Saturday eponymous show in the form of a monologue against the liberal media “jackasses” “crushed” by the Mueller report’s conclusion that there was no Trump-Russia collusion.

Referring to the media’s years-long collusion obsession, Gutfeld first quipped that “[n]o one has been this wrong since God made tonsils” and that a December 1, 2017 take from Joy Behar on Michael Flynn in particular “did not age well.”

This allowed Gutfeld to tee up an absolutely incredible compilation of Rachel Maddow obsessing over minute details of the Mueller probe (see the above video).

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