GOPer Shoots Down Chuck Todd’s Lie of 'Manufactured' Outrage at CRT

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 20, 2021
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Toward the end of Sunday’s Meet the Press, Republican strategist Brad Todd put NBC political director Chuck Todd in his place when the later Todd tried to lie to viewers and claim that parental opposition and outrage to Critical Race Theory was “manufactured at Fox [News].”

What made Chuck’s suggestion even more obviously untrue, was the fact that PBC NewsHour chief correspondent Amna Nawaz had just finished talking about how she had covered the “dozens and dozens and dozens of parents” that turned out the Laudon Country school board meeting in Virginia to speak out against the racism inherent in Critical Race Theory.

“And to your point, this is something that is mobilizing people and resonating very deeply,” she said, noting Brad’s comments. But she did try to hint that opposition could be race or class-based.


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