Go Figure: Nets Treat ‘Explosive,’ ‘Staggering’ Atlantic Story as Fact, Boasting Trump’s on ‘Defense’

Curtis Houck | September 4, 2020
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On Friday morning, the “big three” broadcast network newscasts treated the anonymously-sourced Atlantic piece claiming President Trump called fallen U.S. soldiers “losers” and “suckers” as fact, huffing about how “explosive,” “staggering,” and “stinging” the allegations were that have put the President on “defense.”

Predictably, none of the networks specifically quoted the number of on-the-record current and former White House officials that have grown to over a dozen. And because conducting journalism isn’t what they do, they also couldn’t be bothered to mention both the excerpt of John Bolton’s book on the day in question that made no mention of these comments and a White House e-mail also debunking them.

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