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Gleeful Chris Matthews Thrilled That 'Calgary-Born Cruz' Is 'Tobagganing to a Halt In Iowa'


<p><a href="http://… more at NewsBusters</a> | A gleeful Chris Matthews &ndash; who once described Ted Cruz on-air as a non-Hispanic &quot;Cuban national&quot; &ndash;&nbsp; opened up the Thursday edition of MSNBC&#39;s Hardball exulting that &quot;one-time Canadian&quot; Ted Cruz was &quot;tobagganing to a halt in Iowa&quot; while Donald Trump surges forward in the polls. Matthews, who seethes with rage every time a Republican so much as lays up a birther joke about President Obama&#39;s heritage, has no qualms in relishing the overhyped controversy as regards the Texas senator&#39;s eligibility for office.</p>

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