Gift to Putin! Nets Skip Biden to Lift Sanctions that Stopped Pipeline

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 18, 2021
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While President Biden had stopped the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline here in America (and oversaw the hacking and shutdown of another), he and his administration was ready to lift the sanctions that barred Russia from finishing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to German. Instead of reporting on the Tuesday Axios scoop, ABC, CBS, and NBC decried that Biden wasn’t doing more to stop Israel from bombing their friends in Hamas.

So, leave it up to Fox News Channel’s Special Report to break down Biden’s “rhetoric vs. action when it comes to Russia,” as anchor Bret Baier put it. “President Biden and his administration tonight are waiving sanctions against the company overseeing construction of Russia's energy pipeline into Germany. A pipeline that Russian President Vladimir Putin desperately wants to complete,” he announced at the top of the show.

“The irony” was not lost on Baier, as he noted that Democrats (and the liberal media) had spent years “accusing President Trump of being a willing or unwilling agent of Russia, that on policy the Biden administration seems to be much friendlier to Putin on a number of fronts.”

After noting Republican objections to the idea, State Department correspondent Rich Edson described how Biden was more interested in making German Chancellor Angela Merkel happy than protecting the NATO and other allies that had Russia looming over them.


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