Get Off the Stage! MSNBC Interviews Real Lefty Dramatics: Broadway Actresses

Margaret Buckley | July 14, 2022
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Clearly if there’s one thing MSNBC's Morning Joe loves, it’s political theater. But on Thursday, they took time away from the latest January 6 soap opera to focus on the capital of drama: Broadway.

The iconic drama-queen epicenter in NYC came out with a new Broadway musical called POTUS! And cast members Rachael Dratch and Julie White talked about it with co-host Mika Brzezinski, throwing real politics into the conversation. Cue the eye-rolling.

Brzezinski was clearly into the musical’s ideas and the all-women cast, exclaiming: “We got to get people in there.” However, her next statement took a more annoying approach: “I was just thinking, like, probably sitting in the audience, as a woman, it would feel so validating.” What is so “validating” about sitting through a musical? Wouldn’t women be more focused on the plot of the actual storytelling they paid to go see?