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Geraldo Rivera Smears Ted Cruz as ‘Anti-Semitic’ for New York Values Comment


<p>[See <a href="…; for more.] On the same night that CNN&rsquo;s Jeffrey Toobin smeared Ted Cruz as anti-Semitic, Fox News&rsquo;s Geraldo Rivera on Thursday did the same thing. Regarding the Texas senator&rsquo;s claim that Donald Trump represents New York values, Rivera slimed, &ldquo;Aside from the stinking, anti-Semitic implications that I see in that whole New York values money and media coded message that he put out there.&rdquo; O&rsquo;Reilly Factor anchor Bill O&rsquo;Reilly wasn&rsquo;t buying it. He snorted, &ldquo;This anti-Semitic business is bull.&rdquo; Even Trump fan Eric Bolling couldn&rsquo;t go this far. He retorted, &ldquo; In my opinion there is nothing anti-Semitic about what he said.&rdquo;</p>

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