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Geraldo: Gore Called ME A Sellout, But Look At Him Now!


<p>&nbsp;<br />GERALDO RIVERA (04 Jan 2013) (regarding the last time he saw Al Gore): [Gore and Al Franken] were in the [Fox News] building. They were screening a movie. They may have been screening, actually, Al Gore's climate-change movie. Now, I knew Al Gore, I'd interviewed him several times, I was President Clinton's principal defender during impeachment, so I'd got to know Al Gore, so I meet him in the Fox News lobby, he looks me up and down -- and this is to your point, Bill Kristol, on him being sanctimonious -- he looks me up and down and he says, 'Well, look where you ended up,' 'cause I had gone from NBC News to Fox News, and then he said, and I remember it so clearly, 'I guess you'll never bite the hand that feeds you,' meaning that I had sold out to conservatives for money.<br /><br />BILL KRISTOL: That's really shocking.<br /><br />GERALDO RIVERA: He really just dissed me in front of Al Franken in a way that left no doubt that he was feeling very morally superior. The fact is, I didn't change. He changed. He took the short money from Big Oil [for Current TV]. </p>

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