GBR: America, Whole Foods, Nolan Ryan, Sandra Fluke, Tina Brown, State Farm commercial.

Glenn Beck | August 22, 2012
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GBR: True Character of America.
Glenn explains how in a time of crisis, Americans have always known what to do: come together and turn to God.

GBR: Whole Foods CEO.
Whole Foods and the evolution of capitalism

GBR: Nolan Ryan.
Another celebrity that Glenn had no business meeting.

GBR: Akin, Romney, Ryan.
Why is Sandra Fluke tying Akin to Romney and Ryan?

GBR: Who is Tina Brown?
Does anyone outside of the New York media elite even know?
The 4th Hr: Best commercial of all-time?
Stu and Pat discuss the best commercials on TV right now.


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