'Garbage' to 'Comfortable': Nets Skip Massive 'Payday' to Illegals

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 4, 2021
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During a press briefing on Wednesday, President Biden claimed a report that his administration would shell out $450,000 to illegal immigrants whose families were separated at the border was “garbage” and the payments were “not going to happen.” But during a press briefing on Thursday, the administration admitted that they were going to give those illegals a payday for an undisclosed amount of money. At no point on either day did the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) mention it in their newscasts.

Instead of covering this highly questionable and newsworthy story of the Justice Department allegedly negotiating massive cash settlements with illegal immigrants Thursday evening, all three of the broadcasters gawked at a coming cold snap. They also implied that the 11 white jurors in the Ahmaud Arbery trial were racist as they fretted his family would not find justice with only one black juror.

So, while the broadcast networks were stoking racial resentment, Fox News Channel’s Special Report asked the serious questions. “Now to the complete 180 tonight from the Biden administration on whether it will pay huge compensation to illegal immigrants separated from family members at the U.S. southern border under the previous administration,” announced anchor Bret Baier. “A story that was really dismissed by the President and top Democrats.”


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