FX’s Fargo Shows Reagan Bringing Man to Tears with Shining City on a Hill Speech

Brent Baker | November 16, 2015
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Previewing last Monday’s episode of FX’s Fargo, set in 1979, I highlighted a promotional clip in which a man declared “I’m not shaking” Ronald Reagan’s hand because Reagan “made a movie with a monkey. It wouldn’t be dignified.”

In fact, the November 9 episode presented Reagan as a charismatic figure whose “shining city on a hill” speech, at a campaign stop in Minnesota, moved the man to tears. And, when Reagan later approached the man, local car repair shop owner “Karl Weathers,” played by actor Nick Offerman, “Weathers” eagerly shook Reagan’s hand while enthusing: “I loved you in Cattle Queen of Montana.”

The episode allowed viewers of the FX drama, many of whom are likely too old to have experienced the Reagan years, to hear some of Reagan’s finest and most-inspiring words – though accompanied by violent and graphic video of a shoot-out in a forest between two rival criminal families. [Though most edited out, video includes graphic violence of people being shot in the head.]

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