Friedman: Fox News Gave Trump Supporters 'Permission' to Be Terrorists

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 19, 2021
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While praising President-elect Joe Biden as being the one to bring the country together on CNN’s Cuomo PrimeTime Tuesday, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman proved he wasn’t about that. After once describing Republicans as un-American whores putting a bullet in the country and “biggest threat to our democracy since the Civil War,” he took to asserting that Fox News had given “permission” to Trump supporters so they could become extremists like radical Islamist suicide bombers.

I really draw on the experience now these days of the whole war against Muslim extremism after 9/11. And I tell you the biggest thing I learned from that. That you need a war of ideas and it's got to come from within,” he proclaimed after saying he was “hopeful” Biden would bring us together.

He recalled speaking to “Israeli experts” immediately after 9/11 and asking them about what they learned about fighting suicide bombers. Apparently, they told him that the community needed to take away permission to be radical. “That is, if the wider community says no that’s not actually martyrdom that's murder, that’s when it starts to change,” he explained.

And according to Friedman, not only did Trump give his supporters that permission, but Fox News as well. And a war needed to be waged against them.


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