Fredo Screams at Democrats: 'Are You Ready to Play to Win, Now?!'

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 22, 2021
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CNN’s Chris “Fredo” Cuomo was irate when he kicked off Tuesday’s Prime Time, screaming at Senate Democrats after Republicans saved the country to the left’s machination of the federal takeover of our election systems. He even went on to use Martin Luther King Jr. to bash Republicans, and liberal activist Van Jones claimed leftists had “bled and died” trying to stop Republican election laws.

In a tirade that no journalist should launch into, Fredo railed against Democrats for not listening to him and not playing hardball with the GOP. “So, how about now? How about now, Democrats? Are you ready to play to win, now? Have you had enough,” he yelled at the camera.

Despite the fact that Fredo was yelling at Democrats like a Jets fan yells at the TV on Sunday in the fall, CNN continued to insist that he was a down-the-middle journalist.

“McConnell and Co. did exactly what we knew and you knew they would do. They tanked even the suggestion to debate the need to curtail state efforts to send voting rights back 50 years. They won't even allow debate,” he continued to shriek at his team.


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