Fredo: Not I nor Anyone Really Knows What or Where COVID Started

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 26, 2021
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For a couple of days now, CNN Prime Time host Chris Cuomo has been trying to have his cake and eat it too as he tried to bash Republicans by suggesting they were crazy conspiracy theorists for pointing to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for the COVID pandemic, while being forced to acknowledge that even well-respected scientists and the intelligence community were leaning that way. But on Tuesday, he had a mighty Fredo moment by suggesting that neither he nor anyone else really knew where the virus came from.

Before bringing on a Yale immunobiologist to discuss the matter, he teased it by trying to equate talk of a possible lab leak to police brutality and “creating division through disinformation.” “Like what else,” he rhetorically asked his audience. “COVID.”

He went on to seemingly question what we knew about where it began at all. “Where did COVID start? Do you know? I don't know. I do know that everybody is now saying it had to come out of this lab, which somehow is a suggestion they did it to us on purpose,” he chided, conflating a lab leak with intent.


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