Fox’s Spunt to KJP: Why Is Biden Meddling in the DOJ by Asking for Musk Probe?

Curtis Houck | November 11, 2022
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After Bloomberg’s Jenny Leonard asked President Biden on Wednesday afternoon about whether he thinks Twitter boss Elon Musk is a national security threat, CBS’s Weijia Jiang and Fox’s David Spunt followed up during Thursday’s White House press briefing and whether Biden actually meant that and how that’d square with his campaign promise to have an independent Justice Department (DOJ).

Jiang went first with a Musk question for National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan: “The President yesterday said that it should be — that Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter should be looked into as a potential threat to national security. Can you offer anything about why? And he also said there are many ways to look into that.  How would you look into that?”