Fox’s The Five Retaliates Against Gawker’s Gun Owner List By Showing Site Founder’s Phone Number

papagiorgio200 | January 10, 2013
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(Via Media'ite) Fox's "The Five" retaliates against Gawker's making public the addresses of all gun owners in NY by giving out the phone number of Gawkers founder, Nick Denton, which is (for now):


What would be nice is for someone to post online his home address. Greg Gutfeld makes the point that Gawker writes positively about pedophilia, but negatively about legal gun-owners. Ouch! (Posted by: Religio-Political Talk) I will continue to post information on this topic (addresses and haunts Nick and friends like to hang at) on my blog ~ including on Nick's boyfriend, Derrence Washington. His FaceBook is found here for those wishing to see if he will field questions about Nick's actions:

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