Fox’s Doocy Triggers WH’s Kirby After Pointing Out Biden’s ‘Don’t’ Plea to Iran FAILED

Curtis Houck | April 16, 2024
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With President Biden on the road for the next few days, the White House press corps had to get their hardballs in while they could on Monday. Fox’s Peter Doocy, as always, had the adversarial questions the rest wouldn’t ask. This time, he went around and around with John Kirby over Iran predictably not being intimidated by President Biden’s simple demand to “don’t” fire missiles and drones at Israel.

“John, has President Biden considered maybe beefing up the public Iran posture to be more than just one word,” Doocy began, to which Kirby said amid cross-talk they should “talk about what we did.”

“[H]e said ‘don’t’ and they did it anyway. So, now what,” he asked.