Fox's 'The Cleaning Lady'

rpeterson | January 3, 2022
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Receptionist: “So I spoke to Dr. Ramtej at UCLA, and he sent me your Visa for a bone marrow transplant. It's expired.”


Thony De La Rosa: “Well, we--the donor backed out, and we've been waiting for another match since then.”


Receptionist: “Did you get your Visa extended?”


Thony De La Rosa: “Uh, it's in process.”


Receptionist: “So that's a no? I'm afraid we can't help you.” 


Thony De La Rosa: “Ma'am, please. My son needs this gene therapy, or he won't make it. Will you really turn away five-year-old boy? What if it was your son?”


Receptionist: “I'm sorry, but anyone who can't comply with all protocols is ineligible.”


Thony De La Rosa: “Well, if you read again that paperwork, you'll see that I'm a doctor in one of the busiest medical centers in Manila. -Of course, we'll comply.


Receptionist: “You're an illegal. We can't risk your son being deported before the 52-week trial period is over. Now if you will excuse me. Institute of Stem Cell Medicine. How can I help you? Yes, what's your name? “


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