Fox Spanks 'Wild Week' of Media Double Standard on Benghazi, Race

Scott Whitlock | May 2, 2014
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[For more, see video cross-posted to NewsBusters.] The hosts of Fox and Friends on Friday skewered liberal journalists for a "wild week" of  media bias, skipping outrageous comments by prominent Democrats and downplaying a bombshell e-mail related to the Benghazi scandal. Radio talk show host Adrianna Cohen appeared on the show and attacked, "Clearly there is a left wing media bias in mainstream media. If you need proof, look at the way they haven't covered Benghazi." She added, "Now the smoking gun e-mail has surfaced, which ties the White House to the lie of the video. This is huge news. Every media outlet should be covering it." Highlighting MRC research Kilmeade pointed out that only CBS covered the story initially. (ABC belatedly got to it on Thursday night.) 

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