Fox News Points Out Farrakhan's Presence at Franklin Funeral, Media Attempts to Hide It

Ryan Foley | September 1, 2018
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During Friday's edition of The Story With Martha MacCallum, host Martha MacCallum brought up Louis Farrakhan's presence in the front row at Aretha Franklin's funeral, stating "many people wondering what the unapologetic anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan was doing up there."  After MacCallum mentioned that she found herself distracted by Farrakhan's presence in "every single shot," The Weekly Standard's Kelly Jane Torrance pointed out that "A lot of outlets, Variety, ABC, MSNBC had pictures published on the website cutting him off."  To MacCallum's dismay, panelist Kylie Patterson argued that Franklin was "at the head of the liberation movement" and said that Farrakhan was "part of that movement" as well; dismissing his history of saying "awful things about Jewish people, about white people (and) about gay people" as "mixed." 

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