Fox News Panel Deflates Lib Media Panic Over Barr and Australia

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 30, 2019
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The New York Times spun the crank on the liberal media outrage machine one more time, on Monday, when they published a story panicking over Attorney General William Barr speaking to Australia during the course of his investigation into the origins of the Russia probe. And while ABC, CBS, and NBC were up in arms that same evening, the panel on Fox News Channel’s Special Report put the brakes on their narrative with some inconvenient truth.

Near the top of the panel discussion, anchor Bret Baier read off the Times headline (“Trump pressed Australian leader to help Barr investigate Mueller inquiry’s origins”) and noted, “it got a lot of pickup on social media press and press all over.

He then quipped, “One thing to note, though, he said something like this publicly right here at the White House not too long ago.” Baier then played a soundbite of President Trump in a May 24 press gaggle telling them who he wanted Barr to speak too.


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